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Love Long Clothing

There is something so exciting and intimate working with small businesses. This is why I love doing brand shoots. I get to have a view of the inner workings of these essential cogs that keep our challenging economy going. These are some shots I did with Love Long Clothing.

Usually there are two or three parts to our shoots, making sure we get some standard (but still interesting) product shots, and then to make sure we get some great lifestyle shots to keep social media platforms looking fresh. Also part of this process is making sure I get a nice profile photo of the business owner. After all, your business is where it is because of you and most likely there will be a lot of your personality permeating your products and services. I like to think I have a good way with people, so even if the whole process of having your photo captured terrifies you, as soon as you are in front of me and my camera you’ll be made to feel like a pro 😎

If this is something you could do with in your business, give me a shout!

Ps. That black and white stripe shirt is perhaps the best tee I have ever purchased! If you’re a tall lady struggling to find clothes that actually fit you, go have a look at

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